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I am pleased to see you have joined and am excited to start this new venture.  We will be having the same type of discussions that we had in Everyday living.  Feel free to comment, start new conversations or just reply or simply look around.

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Click on that so that "Stop Following" shows up.  Then if you want to stop following click on it again. 

Got it, thanks, Syble! I've stayed a member of teebeedee all along but hadn't come here for a while & just couldn't remember. Thanks to you and Aggie and all who are helping with the site; I know it's a lotta work and it's much appreciated! :-)

Glad to be of help.  I am just learning how to do things here also.

Glad to see you back, officerripley!

Thanks! :-)

Hi gang! So glad we are all together again.


Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be among friends.

Welcome to the group, and Welcome back, Aleta!




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