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Do you have any plans for the weekend?  I don't, except maybe help clean the shop after he gets done moving things around.  He got saw dust in the pool today while outside cutting wood!    I thought the gnats looked awfully light today.

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No plans here. Just another day that is the same as all the others that I just take as they come and do what ever my mood moves me to do.

No plans here either, although there are some things I need to get done, LOL!

Master Naturalists Chapter meeting at Cat Spring Ag Hall on Saturday then dig post holes on the farm.

We went out for Mexican food last night. This morning my breakfast group is doing a Zoom meeting.

Watching some of the news on RBG may she rest in peace. There will never be another like her.

No plans...just odd chores here and there. Air is murky/hazy, so not interested in doing much outside. Possibility of some showers today...certainly hope so to put down the dust, though not likely to clear the air. Suppose I should do something with some of those plums..maybe a crisp.

Since I had a busy week, with laundry, food shopping, chores and a doctor visit, today I'm going to take it easy. I plan to catch up with my social networking and watch T.V. Tomorrow, my son is going to Costco...don't know if he's planning to take me or just pick up my items. After Costco, we plan to work on some music projects.

 After work Friday I came home and mowed my yard then cleaned house so all I had to do is wash my bedding and a load of clothes. Today I went to an estate sale and got some rubber maid bowls. Then went to the grocery store and picked up my groceries. Rest of the day I didn't do much except vacuum again from me tracking in grass. Tomorrow the family is coming over for breakfast.




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