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How are your days going now?

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Things are getting better Lilrain. I’m finally accepting things. Trying to keep myself busy.

I'm so  glad to hear that Jozee. Hugs.

Thanks Lilrain

My days are hot and dry here in NW MT...too hot to suit me. At least I'm an early riser, so I can get out, do what needs to be done and get back in. I mowed for the last time the end of July, since it doesn't rain and I really don't want to waste my well water on the lawn...just trees and shrubs, and garden, such as it is. I have been filling a basin with water as well as the bird bath for the local deer (two 4 point bucks, several does and twin fawns) and for "Lady Gobble", the wild turkey and they seem to appreciate it. The air smells faintly of smoke, but no fires nearby, happy to report, but it is SO dry. It will be in the 90's through Sunday, but it does cool down overnight by 30 to 40 degrees, which helps. And that's how the days are going. 

So dry farm is becoming a dust bowl. Running out hay so cutting trees down for cows to eat leaves.

Where to start.......quit going to he VFW cause our frieds stopped for personal reasons, we now go to the Moose.   We will go to the VFW on special occasions.  We play dominos on most Sunday nites......I usually loose, glad football is back on (my Cowboys wond today)  We only have time for one game as our friends don't watch football anymore.  The weather was 70 yesterday - it could have been spring again, but today chilly and rainy.  My hip has been bad for a long time and I limp around most days - going for more x-rays tomorrow.  Well that's enough.

Well..had about 4 weeks of beautiful Fall weather, then someone flipped a switch on Friday and it's been in the 40's and dreary with SNOW in the mountains, but not yet on the valley floor...snow shovels are handy. I've prepped as much as possible...raked a few leaves, had the car serviced, washed windows, cleaned the carpets, cut stuff back, and got my flu shot and covid booster. I worked outside so much when the weather was good, that I lost 3 pounds...now working to keep it off. The back is still an issue and always will be but manage to get things done. My grandson and his wife flew up from Sacramento 4 weeks ago for a long weekend...great visit and we managed to cram a lot of fun into 3 days. 

I made pickles,and canned some applesauce, and will start on the apple butter and jams before long, to send out at Christmas. In the meantime, just hanging out in the house and keeping warm. Other than the back, I'm feeling pretty good.

Well our friends came over around 5 with their 4 dogs.  The two cages are in the kitchen.  They just adopted a puppy and we have to watch her closely and take her out every so often.  It's like a 3 ring circus with 5 dogs.  They are all quiet now  but we are wore out with all the activity.  We'll take them out one last time around 11.  We have the puppy in the kitchen which is blocked off at both ends.  At leasst if she pees, it won't be on the carpet.

I've been trying to catching up on things I didn't get around to doing while I was working full time. Still trying to get over the fact of losing my oldest son. I thought I'd get around to doing some Christmas crafts, but just haven't felt like dragging all the crap out to do it with. Other than that I haven't got a lot done.




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