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Did you ever skip school?  Did you get caught or did you get by with it?

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I skipped school only once and yes, I got caught.  Got grounded for a week. 

Not until college. I cut a couple of classes....mostly Botany. I hated that class.

Once in Jr. High and it really was by accident. My friend and I were walking and talking and the time just got away from us. We were not believed when we got back of course.

One time and got caught.

Nope, never skipped school.

Once and sort of got caught. My boy friend was on leave from the navy- he brought a friend and I brought a friend- were to meet at the P.O. a few blocks from school- the principal saw us walking away from school. The next day when i brought my note  so I could get in class- he just looked at me - smiles and gave me my pass. My mom never knew.

Once or twice, but I was married so I could write my own excuse and no one to answer to.




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