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If you overheard a couple of friends talking less than complimentary about you, would you speak up right away or keep it to yourself until the occasion arose to let them know that you heard?

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Depends on the situation.  I wouldn't want to have a confrontation in public but I would at some point let them know that I overheard their conversation. 

I'd probably wait until I had a chance to assess what was said, calm down and plan how to broach the situation.

I'm with OED on this one. Respond, not react.

I'm with Diva too.

I also think it depends on the situation and also how close I had thought the friends were. I would hope that I could do as OED would do, "asses" "calm down and plan", but, I can't say with surety that I would.

If the talk was more than mildly uncomplimentary, I think I wouldn't say anything but rather start the distancing process to get out of the "friendship." Because if what they were saying about me was bad enough, they either weren't really friends or I have a problem that I need to work on.

Well, if it were now I would probably assess before I reacted.  If it was 20 or 30 years ago I would have let them have it, especially if they were supposed close friends.  I had two very close friends over the last 10-15 years that I know never would have said something mean or hurtful.  I also had another friend back in the late 80's that I could trust with anything.  Unfortunately they are all deceased.  




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