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What song always puts you in a good mood?

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Oh, Helen! That is so hard to answer. I have several....John Denver's "Almost Heaven West Virginia"....The Beach Boys' "Kokomo"....Abba's "Mama Mia". But when I am happy, I wanna dance. So I am going to borrow from my Mom's time and pick Glenn Miller's "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B". I just can't be in a bad mood when I'm bopping around to that.

Karin I love all the songs you mentioned

I like singing 


from the Lilies of the Field with Sidney Poitier

This is perhaps an obscure one because it was done by an Ohio musician who never really went beyond regional popularity, but my song would be Skinny Little Boy From Cleveland Ohio by Alex Bevan.

I am also reminded of two other Alex Bevan songs: Grand River Lullaby and a live cover of You Are My Sunshine done at Blossom Music Center.

"Give me That Old Time Rock and Roll"

Start Me Up

You've Got The Look

I love Prince and he is truly missed. I have alot of his music.

CCRs Looking Out My Backdoor

Syble, I love CCR;s Proud Mary  Also like Neil Diamond's Coming to America




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