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What social media do you enjoy the most and why

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I only belong to two sites now.  TEEBEEDEE where all my Boomerville and Eons friends are and FB where I keep in touch with my extended family and friends.

Right now I'm only here.

I am the same as Syble

I'm only here. No FB for me.

For enjoyment.....here. For info....Twitter.

This site, of course. Also, seniorforums.com (my next fave after this site) and seniorsonly.club. Oh and a little bit on goodreads.com, paperbackswap.com, and swapadvd.com; those 3 sites are mainly for book/movie lovers.

I am a member of more sites than I can remember, but active on only a few.  Socially, it was always here on TBD and Boomerville, now here. I'm on FB, but rarely, however I am now in David's Open Mind group there with Tom, feywon and others. I have a daily Twitter habit, but it is very narrow. I follow several Mindfulness contributors, nothing else.

I loved Boomerville, but this one seams ok  I also like facebook.   All the folks I haven't seen in 35-40 years we all get to know eadh other.  One of them I was very close to but lost contact with so long ago.  Found her on classmates.com and here.  One of her sons is a captain in the Marines and the other spent 4 years in the air force to learn electronics and is working where he was with the air force.  She's happily living in a over 55 active community

I like it here to stay in touch with my BV friend and FB for finding people. One old friend is from as far back as when he was 3 or 4 and I was 6 or 7. That is forever ago, I was surprised he remembered me.

I was so happy to see the successes he has had in life. 




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