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What made you smile today?

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A short time painting with my son. Other than that....not much these days.

What are you two painting Karin?

I woke up and felt good. It's a sunny day too.

I put on a pair of pants that I hadn't worn in a couple of months and they fell down.  I've lost enough weight that the waist was too big and wouldn't stay up.  I was so happy I laughed out loud.  

Watching Maxie cat tearing into one of his toy mice. No live ones to chase this fall and winter...OK with me, but he misses hunting in the mudroom for the real deal.

My cat snoring peacefully on my bed.

My 2 cats.

My dog.

My Grandson

I watched a Jib Jab video my DIL's sister put together last year. It features my son, DIL and two oldest grandsons. Too funny.

My son called and told me he applied for a job at the local jail.  

Couple of things have made me smile this week.  First I walked around Big lots, then walmart and today I was able to vaccuum the entire house with very little back tightness.  I think I am pretty well healed.  See neurosurgeon on 29th he should be happ.  Tomorrow it's 5 weeks.




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