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When you are with a group of close friends do you feel it's safe to discuss religion and politics or do you just feel it's best to avoid those topics?  I remember years ago you could discuss just about anything but not so much these day.  I had two close friends that I could discuss anything with but now I'm in a brand new place and it's so different.  

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Have lost a few friends over politics and religion thru the years- so usually only talk about them with my son. Since I lean towards Buddhism - most of my friends think I am over the edge.

It depends on who the friends are. If I don't know them well I would not discuss those topics. If I knew them well enough to know that they might accept opposing views I would do it. Politics are especially touchy during these divided times.

Politics is a rather sticky subject to talk about and nobody seems to want to change how they feel. About religion...I'm anti-religion so I really don't care to discuss it.

My circle of friends are all on the same page politically, and none or us are running off to church, so that subject never comes up, and if we discuss politics, it's either to complain or applaud.

Politics have become quite touchy in my family with both ends of the spectrum (any spectrum) being represented. Even Josi and I are far apart, but both of us are highly private about our personal views. I avoid political discussions but tend to opinionate on religion more than maybe I should. To be fair, I will bend over backwards to be respectful to people and their views even as I disagree with them, unless they take a hard evangelical line. I also lean toward a Buddhist perspective, although it is a very secular brand of Buddhism.

The two friends (one is my BFF) that I usually wind up discussing politics with both share my views. My online BFF and I don't necessarily share the same views and lately we've been staying away from political conversations. We're both tired of politics. But when we did discuss, we agreed to disagree and respected each other's opinions.

My friends respect my religious views as a Muslim and I respect theirs. My online BFF is Buddhist. My BFF is Christian.




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