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Do you remember your childhood phone number?

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We didn't have a phone.

I was a teenager before we had a phone.  It was BL587  (The BL stood for Blackwood)

2 shorts and a long

No kidding, LOL. When we moved in to the old house, it had an old crank phone on the wall. This was unusual since most of the houses in the area had rotary phones. We were on a party line, too, so we had to pay attention to how the phone rang to know that the call was for us. I had to stand on a chair to be able to talk on the phone. After about 6 months or a year, the phone company put in a rotary phone. We were still on a party line, but the phone only rang when the call was for us. I don't remember the other phone numbers we had when I was a child except for the phone number we had when I was a senior in high school. My parents continued to live in the house until they passed after I was grown and married, so I used that number often to call them.


I can't even remember my number now.

Glendale 35647. The exchange was a later addition....was just the number originally, and I think it was a party line early on.

 No, been to long ago.

We moved so often and changed numbers so often, I never committed any particular ine to memory. I remember the one we had when my kids were babies, though.

GR (grand)-0441- it was a 10 party line- I was about 12 when we got our 1st phone.




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