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The rural communities around here have FB groups to reports news and such. 

Here are a couple from around here.

Is anyone missing a goat? Very friendly. Found on 145 this morning. It is safe watered and fed here. If it's yours please contact me (I won't add the names.)

Cow loose in road on Bradt Hollow rd near Canaday Hill

Happens al the time around here. 
How about you ?

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The horses and cows here are all behind fences.  The only animals loose could be crocs or alligators and they are really not around our area which is just fine with me. 

Yes, the cows and goats should be behind fences but these tricksters find their way out I guess

I'm not on Fb but I suspect that most of the news would be about lost dogs or cats.

We get lots of those too, with many happy returns thank goodness.

It's not as rural as it used to be, but there are occasional reports of a loose horse now and then. This time of year it's bears getting into trash or bird feeders (mine are empty for now for that reason).

We have deer and fox out back from time to time. The bear seem to stay up on the hill for the most part.

A pair of zebras escaped from a petting zoo in Illinois, near my daughter's home.  I understand they managed to get quite far from home, but were found happily grazing in a farmer's field.

I think I saw that on the news here. That would be a fun sight.

Cow licks


Vandals recently knocked a hole in the fence of a local nudist colony. Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office are looking into it.

From Round Top Register, Winter 2008.

TRENTON — A cow that broke free from a slaughterhouse was put down by police Friday morning when it resisted officers trying to corral it. During the escape, the cow ran through a fence at the Trenton Halal Packing Company on Roebling Avenue in the Chambersburg section of Trenton around 9am. About 10 minutes from where I live.




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