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What is your favorite way to watch a movie: in bed, on the couch, or in a movie theater?

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Favorite way used to be in a movie theater (loved the fragrance of that movie theater popcorn) but had to stop doing it that way even before Covid. So now, my favorite way is on the couch.

My favorite way(s) are either the bed or the couch.  Years ago I loved going to the movie theater but years ago I knew theaters that charged a buck. Nowadays the tickets are about $6.00 each or more and when you add popcorn and snacks the bill is about $30.00. I prefer my Netflix with me making the popcorn. I'd much rather spend the money going out to dinner. 

I haven't been in a theater in about 10 years, so prefer to watch a movie in my rocker with my feet up, controlling the sound, and pausing when I feel like it.

At home in my comfy bed or the couch. Love having control of when to stop if I need a break . I took my friend and my daughter to see the Downton Abbey movie and loved the big wide comfortable recliners.  

I don't even use my bed anymore. I watch T.V. from and sleep on my rocker-recliner. Seeing a movie in the theater is nice every now and then but I enjoy the comfort of home.

I won't tolerate the price-gauging at a theater. I don't have the attention span to sit that long anyway. All my movies are seen from the couch on my TV. Josi always has control of the remote.

In a theater with a friend.

I love seeing the big screen - will always be my favorite but since there haven't been any new movies out and the cost to go to them, I like being on the couch at home.




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