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I Miss Boomerville, I like it here but it's like many are on Facebook and  I never cared for Facebook. don't know why exactly. What's your favorite social site?

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I've never had a Fb acct; I did have a Twitter acct for a while but didn't like it. I've been spending a lot of time on www.seniorforums.com; it's good, a lot of activity; one thing I like about it, altho most of the members are U.S., there are also some UK, Australian, and NZ members which is nice. (I'm officerripley on it too.)

I did check out seniorforums and it's a nice site, but I still prefer NOTH and MyBoomerPlace - just don't go there as much as NOTH.  I forget to go to seniorforums as there is no notifications - like even here.  Forget going anywhere if I don't get notified -- you know the saying - out of sight, out of mind.  

I used to like Eons before it went down. I had quite a few friends there. I also had friends in the forums of Datehookup. I had better luck making friends there than I did with dating. But many of my friends from both of these sites are now on Facebook so that's my go to site now. I have friends there that I have "known" for many years from other sites and also some new friends that I made in groups. I also run a music group myself.

Really liked Eons...but I am on FB now....

I really miss both Boomerville, and Eons too. I used to spend a lot of time on both of them. They were both special sites. I like it here too. I have a FB account, but I really don't care for it either.  There are way too many scams on fb  and you really can't trust anything you read on there. It's a shame. 

I miss Boomerville too Lilrain.  I'm not on here much - check in usually only when someone posts something.  I was on Eons for a short time before it closed down and liked the groups I was in and have made one personal friend (who lived very close to me)and a few others that I keep in contact with.  This is where I met Syble, Helen, Jozee and you Lilrain and maybe a couple others that I might have missed.  I am on two other sites, NOTH and My Boomer Place - NOTH being my favorite.  I just joined another site thru a friend - June - but not sure if I'll stay.  I do have a FB account but don't go there too often either and I don't Tweet or do InstaGram.  I will take a look at seniorforums.com.  Ya'all take care.

I really like seniorforums.com a lot, Wendy. I hope you guys check it out and like it; I'd love to see you all over there! :-) You take care too. :-)

I did check it out officeripley and I joined.  It looks like it will be an interesting place.  I also told a friend of mine too.   But I will continue to be here when I get a notice.

I really liked Eons, then Boomerville. Pretty quiet here and I don't do FB...too creepy. I may check out seniorforums. I was in CA for 2 weeks, 6/1 to 6/13 visiting my family in Sacramento and Redlands...great time, but it was getting hot. No problem with flights..only 2/3 full going down, but full coming home.

I checked out seniorforums and found it to be a little like here and a little  - lots of topics to choose from to comment on.  You might like it MT.

I joined seniorforums.com the other day and I like what I see. It's a very large site with a lot of posts to respond to.

I miss EONS and of course Boomerville. I’ll try to be in her more. I haven’t been myself at all.




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