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Why do you think we're having so many mass killings these days? kids carrying guns to school and shooting people at random, driving vehicles into crowds etc..

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I think about this every time there's another incident and, quite honestly, I don't have a clue. There is no reasonable explanation but, then again, these shootings are not done by reasonable individuals. If only they didn't kill themselves or get shot by police (although I'd prefer that these individuals die) I'd like to see them questioned to find out why they've chosen to do this.

Yes, get into their psyche.

Nobody knows what goes on in the person’s mind and like Steve said, there is really no explanation. I find it sad that this happens.

Combine a weakening in access to mental health professionals, lax gun laws in  most states, and just too many dangerous guns out on the streets to begin with, you have a perfect recipe for mass killings.

When I was in high school if you saw a truck, 9 times out of 10 you would see a gun in the back window. No one thought much about it and we didn't have people come in shooting up the place. When my kids were in school and the goverment stepped in and told parents you are not allowed to discipline your child and let the kids know they didn't have to mind their parents things went to hell. My kids were in elementary school and there were signs all over the school saying if your parents spanks you or makes you go to bed without dinner or if this and that ( can't remember the whole list) come to the office. They must of preached it in school because every time I got on to them the first thing out of their mouth was they were going to tell the principal at school on me. I told one principal that it was a shame that he was allowed to give my son licks but I wasn't. To me making a kid sit somewhere and not watch TV isn't much of a punishment. I'm not saying we should of been allowed to beat our kids, but a few swats on the behind works better than taking away TV rights. Kids were taught they didn't have to answer to anyone. That's just my opinion on why things are like they are now.




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