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Joseph R Biden Jr is now president of the United States. Now we  can hope that the turn of this country will go in a better direction.  I know there are people who may not be happy, but I hope we we can all support him and give him a chance and support to reunite this country and get rid of the hate and injustice we've seen in the last four years.  We lost over 50 years of work on both those causes.  Getting them back may be in the future.  Let's not get into a big battle over politics here, these issues aren't political they are for all people.  A Human cause.  Lets Go American lets join in in getting those issues back and stop  Fighting the evil.

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Happy days are bound to be here again. Might take a while, but I am optimistic.

On a personal note..I'm on the waiting list now for the vaccine when we get enough here in Flathead County...couple of weeks to a month...again, I'm optimistic.

We just got the vaccine here and I am scheduled to get mine the first week of Feb. 

So good to see Class, intelligence and integrity again. I pray for what you expressed here Helen.

I think that Pres. Biden is going to be a breath of fresh air...no lies! I only wish that he was a bit younger. I think that he's going to be a great president..especially after what we had! 

Somebody's pet poodle would be a breath of fresh air after the certifiable Schizophrenic, psychotic, narrcicisstic maniac we have before .  I don't know much about Kamala Harris but the little I've read is she a good collection of having done great things in her life.  It's also to see a woman of a different race and ethnicity as Vice President.  

I agree,Helen. I'm very optimistic.

I prayed for this outcome every day since he and Kamala officially announced that they were running. And I pray that they will do the best they can to fix what's broken in the U.S. Obviously they were left with a mess to clean up but I think they're off to a good start. 

I support our president Joe Biden. His age concerns me but he is a very capable man and is surrounding himself with capable people. His biggest challenge, besides the obvious, is to unite this country. Not an easy task I fear. 

On a personal note and not political, I have had previous first hand experience with Donald J Trump and his family and company. He is the most despicable person I have ever had to deal with, and believe me, I have dealt with many in the past. He is a failure as a businessman and as a decent human being. 

Johnnyboy, I had my thoughts about him in the beginning, thought I'd give him a chance, even though I didn't vote for him.  However, it became obvious  he was a jerk early on.  Just glad he's gone.  Joe Biden is a bit oldl to be president, but his Vice President seems like a well educated and we spoken person.  Now its my turn to look up more about her.  

I'm also concerned with Pres. Biden's age but he is obviously very capable and,as I'd said before, he's a breath of fresh air after trump.  I have no concerns with the V.P. either as she is also a very accomplished person. 




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