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We welcomed an unexpected visitor to the JV softball field Wednesday. Fortunately, it wasn't too long before cow and farmer were reunited, and everyone moo-ved along.

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This is not an uncommon occurrence near us. 

I bet it is beautiful in your neck of the woods

That it is Annie.


It has been an exceptionally early and brilliant fall.

Gorgeous scenery.  We have a few more weeks here before it peeks.

I had a half grown steer run down my street a few months ago. 

I figured you would have like experiences Syble. 

We once had a couple of horses come down our driveway (at our old place) They were gone by the time I got out there so I wasn't able to corral them but the owners finally got them home.

My street is only a block long.  The west end dead ends into a Cemetary and Cemetary Rd.  The East end is a major two lane highway but across the highway is a pasture that has cattle. I figured it came from there. 

 You live in a beautiful place Patricia. I live across the street from a big ranch. Every once in a while the cows will be where I can see them. I love looking at them.

Thanks TX granny, we think so too.

My home is surrounded 4 legged vegans.




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