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What hopes and plans do you have for 2022?

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None. (I did have hopes that a medical procedure, an expensive one, sigh, that was tried late last year would work but it didn't. So I'm done hoping; just living one day at a time.)

Survive Medicare and inflation.

At almost 82, I'm in survival mode, keeping the snow cleared, the water flowing when it's below zero, and looking forward to Spring. Hoping for no more funerals of friends and family, and maintaining my health. Snow shoveling is really good cardio.

Hoping I don’t have to go through the pain of losing anyone again. 

It's so hard to say goodby, our family has lost three this year Jozee. Maybe we can both get thru 2022 without any more leaving. I hope so.

Thanks Lilrain  and so sorry for your loss too. Now  as we speak, my Grandson tested positive yesterday. He had his 2 shots and the booster. It will get you either way.

My son and I are the only members of my family who haven't got it yet.  We went home for Christmas, and when we got home we heard one daughter, 3 granddaughters, and all 5 great grandkids had Omicron.  We held our breath and waited...... Nuthin.

Good one Aggie.

Words to live by...until further notice, anyway.

Oh. Boy!  I am on the same page.  I'm too old and my time's too valuable to waste on that s**t. :-(

Hoping it's a happier time.




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