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When was the last time you were hopelessly lost?  One time I was driving around looking for a house I needed to take photos of and it was just before I had cataract surgery.  I couldn't see the map, so I called my husband and he got me there and then back out.  I could see the road but not the map.  As a realtor I remember running about with a box full of maps in the back of the car for different counties.  Thank heavens for GPS.  

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Once when my friend Darlene (Dolly) came to visit me in Indiana, I took her driving down some country roads exploring. We lost our way and it got dark. I knew she'd panic, so I bluffed my way until I finally found my way home.

When we moved from Colo. to Ohio- we were with in 50 miles of our new house and couldn't get there- finally called my DIL step sister and she guided us there.

I've been bewildered a time or two, but never hopelessly lost. Did a bit of wandering about when I went to the wedding in the mountains last month, but allowed for it, and got there on time.

I've only had to stop and ask for directions once.  I always kept a map in my car of the local area where I live and when traveling always had a map.  Thankfully now with GPS it would be hard to get hopelessly lost. 

I love the google gps.  It's quite accurate and gets you to where you need to be.  The old Tom tom wasn't nearly as good.  Do any of you use Google GPS?  I know many of  us don't drive anymore.  But even as a passenger.  

My son and daughters use it quite often.  I have never used it but I don't drive in unknown areas anymore.




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