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After thinking about it for a few weeks, I have decided to give up the group.  If someone wants to take it over, please let me know.  Keep in mind nothing can be changed.  My name will forever be there and Syble's town and state will forever be there.  

I have joined a new group that I enjoy and am learning new background codes.  It's also a ning.com site but it's on a newer platform.  Any of you are welcome to join me there.  It's  Soulcafe.ning.com   I hope you'll join us.  Sorry to do this but I just need something where I can do things I enjoy.  Let me know if you want to take it over.  Thanks Helen

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Sorry to read this Helen but I do understand. I have nether the time or inclination to take over the group. Sad to see it go.

It's not a matter of letting it go, but a matter of just putting some topics in by different members.  

Aggie is going to take it over Lilrain.

Helen you are right about your name being there but Aggie can change it. Owner’s of sites can do everything. Also you can go into options and click on edit to change the photo for the group. 

Jozee, from what I've been told by Aggie, nothing can be done to make changes to this site.  This site is on a platform that is not supported the web host any longer.

You have done   good job and put in lots of effort- thank you.

I echo Eaglewoman! Thank you for all of your time and effort. I will miss this.

Yes Helen. You did your best.

You absolutely did Helen. All you effort and work is why I know I can't do it. Coming up with ideas for topics or questions is no small feat.  

I agree with the others, Helen, you did a great job but I totally understand. Sorry that I don't want to take the group over but thank you so much for the great job you did with it. I will check out your Soulcafe group, thanks again.

This group doesn't have to die.  All you all have to do is keep it going.  No one in particular has to take it over.  What it takes is for each of you  to add a topic  each week and it will keep going.  I will not be closing it down.  I hope you will all try your best to keep this open.  I'm friends with most of you on Facebook, so if not I'm listed under Helen Ertel Skarulis.  Please keep in touch.  If you're not on facebook my email is hskarulis@yahoo.com.  

I'll keep the light on.




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