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Fall is officially here.  What's the first things that come to mind?

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Nothing yet--fall doesn't usually start around here 'till about the middle of November--I am looking forward to then to be able to turn off the A/C in both house & car. Oh, and a pumpkin fudge that 1 of the grocery stores here carries; even if you're not a fan of all the pumpkin spice stuff that we've had the last coupla years, you'd love this, soooo good. (Unless you're not a fan of good fudge either; then you worry me, lol.)

Fall leaves, cooler weather, pumpkin pies.  I know...I was supposed to pick one thing but there you go...I'm good at breaking those 'just one thing' rules.



Everything...the sweaters, boots, chilly air, apples, pumpkins, hot cocoa, brilliantly-colored leaves.

I agree!

Fall color...followed by incessant leaf raking. 

We can now look forward to crisp cool mornings. And of course leaves turning their beautiful colors.

And making stews and soups!





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