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Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?  Over your lifetime had you had both?  

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I have been very lucky to have had both.  However, the loyal friend wasn't in my life long enough. Both have passed away. 

For a fee years while I was young I had a rich friend. We grew up and lost touch. I have never had friends with money, and just one really loyal friend....my Darlene....who was "Dolly" on BV.

I don't think I ever had a rich friend. I've had some loyal ones.

My old college roommate became rather wealthy. We were in touch until just a few years ago. Actually, he had a wealthy head start in life, but did well on his own. One really loyal friend from gradeschool on, but he is now 5 hours away so we keep in touch mostly by email. See him maybe once a year.

Both, I prefer loyal anyday.

I can't recall any rich friends although I've had some rich family members. I've got 1 loyal friend that I grew up with. Alan is my best friend.

I've had a friend or 2 that had a few extra bucks to throw around, but no one filthy rich. Quite a few loyal friends....some from way back and some newer.

I had a rich friend but that's all I knew, she told me she did so and so for one friend, but never did one thing for me.  I have had several loyal friends, and am lucky enough to still have them in my life.

I have had a number of loyal friends.  All are gone now, but it sure was worth every minute I had with them.  One passed away in 1990.  She was very funny and always there for me and I was always there for her.  Another good friend I got to know in my building and she was very loyal and always there if I needed something and I was always there to help her.  We were both broke at the time.  Then there was a guy friend I had and was from the old days in high school.  Lost touch for about 40 years and we got in touch on classmates.com and for almost 13 years he was always on my phone if he sensed something was wrong.  He was a lawyer and a judge, who worked his way up from going to bed hungry as a child to being worth well over a million dollars.  He passed away in Feb 2020.  Miss them all and I don't think I'll get to know anymore like them.  It hurt when they all passed but all I can think of now is all the fun and good times we had with each other.

Loyal. I haven't had any rich friends, and damn few loyal ones - they are so rare.




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