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What holiday do you celebrate besides Christmas?

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I started celebrating Chanukah maybe ten years ago. I am not religious but liked the holiday because it celebrates freedom and bringing light into a dark time of year. The first year I did it I had no idea what I was doing. My roommate made me a menorah out of wood. I did not know any of the prayers or how to light the candles. Then my boss's mother gave me a list of prayers that she got from a rabbi. One of my friends got me some candles from Shoprite and I have a little book that explains how to light the candles and how to say the prayers. Next year I think I will get a new Chanukya so that the candles are further apart and don't melt on each other. My parents never celebrated any holidays so I always felt left out at this time of year.

That's cool, Marcia! :-)

Very cool Marcia, you made your own tradition.

I will give a silent acknowledgment to the Solstice but no set ritual unless the members of my Tai Chi class put me up to it.

My grandson is half Jewish, so my daughter is teaching all of us about Hanukkah. I am Pagan and look forward to the Solstice. (One year my best friend and I sat outside with a bonfire, traditionally waiting to make sure the sun returned. magical night.)

That's cool marcia.  I'm not religious but was brought up Catholic, so Christmas is a big deal to me.  Now I'm living 500 miles from all the kids so I don't see any of them.  When I lived nearby I usually got to see some of them.  Then there's the battle of who wants you to come.  it's easier now.  i'm back with my former husband and we enjoy the quiet of the Smokey Mountains.  We joke about how both our mothers would have had a fit if we did this 45 years ago.  Catholics just didn't live together before marriage.  Now we're divorced and are happier than ever.  According to the Catholic Church we're still married even though we divorced in 2006.  We both have our own hobbies but enjoy time together too.  He thinks I need more exercise and I agree, just happier sitting on the sofa on the computer.  I did have back surgery on the 14th and most issues are gone, so I walked twice a day the past week.  Today rain tomorrow snow.  just imagine snow on Christmas in TN.  Not very often.  I'll talk to the grandkids tomorrow and if the parents want to talk I'll talk to them too.  

I'm so happy that things are working so wonderfully for you and your ex. Also glad to read the surgery went well and took care of your issues. Good for you...getting out there and walking. Do you ever Zoom or Face Time with your grandchildren?

My husband and I used to partake in the Kwanzaa celebrations which starts the day after Christmas and takes place for 7 days. The year he died, the organizers were planning to honor him at that year's Kwanzaa. He died three days before it was to begin and I wasn't able to go to any of the celebrations to see if they honored him posthumously. 

I don't celebrate any of the Christian holidays since accepting Islam. My husband and I usually celebrated the EID which takes place after the fasting month of Ramadan.During the EID, there's 3 days of feasting, some form of entertainment for the children and other festivities. Presents can be given but not necessarily expected and certainly there's no pressure to buy expensive gifts like Christmas. I also haven't participated in EID since his passing.

Wow, Diva, it's cool you brought this up: for some reason (don't remember what brought it to my attention, maybe it was from googling about that hunk that stars on Transplant, lol), I've been wondering how to pronounce EID; I googled it and about 50 percent of the sites said it's pronounced to rhyme with "slide" and the other 50 percent said it rhymes with "need." Maybe the different pronunciations have to do with the region lived in?




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