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Did you vote in today's election.  Don't want this to turn into a political free for all, but just want to know if you voted.  Don't want to know for who, because that's personal.  Do you believe that our votes count?  I always told my kids and one repeated it to me the other day.  If you don't vote, you lose your right to criticize who won.  One of my boys repeated that to me.  Here in TN the republicans will 99% of the time.  

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Huzz & I both voted by mail-in; he mailed his in but I dropped mine off at 1 of the county ballot boxes, we both did it early; kept hearing that early was a good idea. 

Voted early this year.  I also think that if you don't vote then you don't deserve to criticize who does get voted in. 

My son and I voted at our courthouse about 2 weeks ago.

I voted through the mail.

i did curb side voting last weekThey say in Ohio over 3 million people voted early.

Debbie and I voted very early by mail ballots. As soon as we got the ballots we filled them out and mailed them back. Our votes definitely count.

I voted by mail several weeks ago, mailed it at the post office, then verified online that it was received and accepted.

Yup, voted early! Now waiting for final results.

We voted early and yeah, I pray it's going to count!

I voted

Yes, I always vote. I voted in person at the local townhall in my township. Yes, the vote counted.  I got in line at 7:05 and was number 35.

I was blessed to be able to walk a block to drop my ballot in the county's secure drop box about two weeks before the election.




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