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What are your thoughts about the new vacination?  Will you be jumping on the band wagon and getting it right away?

I will be getting it asap.  I have bad asthma and h

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I will probably get it in a reasonable amount of time. Josi is dragging her feet about it.

I'm not chomping on the bit to get it but I will get it when it is available.

At this point, I'm not planning to take it. I have too many questions and doubts. Most of the people I've talked to and many online friends are not planning to take it.  Even my doctor who's brother had been hospitalized fighting a terrible bout with COVID, says he would not take a vaccine that was rushed.

not sure yet

I will definitely get it when it's available to me. 

I will get it when its available.

I'm with OED- I want more information- seems it came to rush awful  fast.

Being in a nursing home, I probably won't have much of a choice. But that's okay. I'd get it anyway.

Sounds like it will be a good idea Lynn to get it if you're in a nursing home  I wish you the best with being in there.  Is this a permanent situation?

I'll get it when my time comes....sooner rather than later since I'm 80. My daughter works in a nursing home in CA so hope she gets hers soon. Research on viral vaccines has been on going for years which is why it came available so quickly. I'd prefer Moderna since it doesn't have the storage requirements so fewer chances for screw-ups in transporting. Bring it on!

I would prefer Moderna also for the same reason.

I feel like this was a rush job and I'm hesitant about taking it. I really hope it's a good thing because so many lives have been lost.




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