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What would you like to change about yourself or are you happy with who you are?

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I have,as I'd stated before,a love of money so a million dollars or so certainly wouldn't hurt. I'd like my stable health to stay the same. My wife,Debbie,is not so fortunate,so I'd like hers to improve.

I'd definitely like to be a "people person"; I wish I liked people half as much as I like dogs.

I'm a dog lover too. Why not? Dogs are simpler and better than people.

I used to be a people person, but people ruined it for me...so I'm happy to hang out with the cat. I could use a new set of vertebral discs, but content with everything else. 

I need to lose weight and worrying over situations I have no control over

I have always been too socially conservative, to the point of timid. Being both shy and introverted, I am poor with people skills. I sometimes envy that person who always knows what to say no matter what company they are in, and do so in real-time. My best conversation lines come the next day after I have thought about it. I have also come to realize the extent to which I am an undiagnosed ADHD. I would love to be able to stay more focused.

I'd like to lose about 15 more pounds otherwise I'm happy with me.




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