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Have any of you received the Covid-19 booster shot yet?

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Debbie did yesterday. She didn't have the problem with the second shot as many people had,  but she's experiencing pain and discomfort with this booster. Well...it's better than dying. She's sleeping it off now and tomorrow she'll be fine...and alive.

I'll be getting it toward the end of the month, but first getting the flu shot on Sunday at Walgreen's. I want at least 2 weeks between the 2 shots. I never have reactions to either, but not pushing my luck. My nurse daughter in Sacramento has had her booster and was laid up for a few days, but she has immune issues, so it was expected.

No but will get it as soon as it is available. We got the J&J vaccine so I have no idea when that will be. Wearing a mask and not going out much anyway.

I got both my covid booster and my flu shot last Sunday. Such a hassle to get an appointment at Walgreen's for the flu shot that I decided to get both...2 slightly sore arms for a day, but otherwise fine.

Still waiting on a decision for Moderna

Me too JB

Me three.




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