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A robin is nesting in shrubs outside my kitchen window. I watched her build her nest...excellent job, find the man of her dreams, and settle in to hatch what I think are 2 fledglings. I see 2 little beaks from my vantage point. The past 2 days have been challenging...a lot of rain, and even some hail yesterday, but the old man is doing his part with fetching food, so things are going well. Fun to watch, though it has delayed my plan to get that window washed. Lots of nature to observe here....fawns have been born and even had a hen turkey around 2 weeks ago. Anything interesting in your neck of the woods?

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That's something to see...now and then one is spottted around here. The crows are always with us...always raising a ruckus. When we lived in S. Cal we'd eat dinner outside on summer evenings, and like clockwork as the sun was starting to go down, crows would come flying from the beach heading inland somewhere to roost for the night. They traded places with the seagulls as I would see the gulls heading to the beach on my way home from work.

Fall must be on the way....robins seem to be gone and so are the hummingbirds.

I just saw a humming bird a week ago. I haven't seen  robin for a while though.




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