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Don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it was minus 13 here this morning and more of the same for a few more nights. However it will be bright and sunny today which is some consolation. If it gets above zero, I will venture out to get the mail later, though it will probably take longer to "suit up" for the cold than the walk to the mailbox and back. Haven't had this kind of cold since 2014, but it is Montana.

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MTWoman...I SO feel for everyone who's experiencing these sub 0 temperatures! I can't imagine. My apartment stays pretty warm but once it gets into the teens, it gets chilly in here. I do have heaters and plenty of blankets though. Our high was 42 yesterday and is expected to reach 45 a week from now. The lowest low will be 18 on Saturday night. We are getting snow Thursday and Friday...temps in the 30's. Take good care. Stay safe and warm. How do you warm your house?

-7 right now- to get to 23. Another 3 inches due tomorrow. Looks pretty- not even any animal tracks in the back yard.

we are finally get some warm weather. it is suppose to get above zero and even into the 20's the next couple of days. we have had about a week and a half of 20 below or more

Continues to snow, but lightly, and we're over the sub-zero stuff...will get to about 32 today. OED, My heat, hot water and cooking is natural gas, so always toasty. My neighbor cleared our long driveways yesterday with his new snowblower,so good to go, but will need to shovel a little on my parking pad again today before I go to to my dentist appt this afternoon. 

7 degrees in the sunshine on Tuesday morning. Was 39 degrees inside my house. Rolling power blackouts since Sunday night. Got my inside of my house up 47 degrees today.




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