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Are there any foods you've always wanted to try but haven't yet? For me it's Funnel Cakes:

They look so good.

Another one I've thought about, not sure about, and was offered the chance once to try it but chickened out is buffalo; just couldn't bring myself to try it.

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Me too; they sound sooo good.

Ugggh...funnel cakes are SO good! I used to want to try caviar but not anymore.

I had caviar once, never again.

I've had caviar...both beluga and white fish, and liked them both, but the salmon caviar is too much like the stuff in the jar that I used for trout bait.


I did not care for any caviar that I have eaten from the cheap to the very expensive.  

Tried caviar once. Don't even remember what it tasted like. Never understood what the attraction was.




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