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Does anyone belong to AARP?  They offer great discounts for travel etc?  Do any of you belong to the online community?

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I used to be a member but I let it expire. I felt that they didn't have anything to offer me. I wanted something in case my car had a breakdown so I joined the A.A.A. (automobile club).

We were members to get the discount on their Medicare insurance. We never took advantage of their travel discounts because we had AAA, so we dropped AARP when we changed Medicare insurance. Now our new auto insurance has roadside assistance, so we may drop AAA and pick up AARP again for their motel discounts. By the way, you can drop AARP membership, but they will never, never drop you from their mailing lists.

No I was a long time ago but I got nothing out of it to stay signed up

Exactly the same here.

Me too. (Plus, I found members of their online Community to be not really friendly.)

I am a member, but have gotten few discount but have been flooded with their email. Their group activities are not in my area.

I am a member of AMAC instead.

Been a member for years...use their auto and homeowner's insurance and part D drug insurance, and have used discounts in the past when I did more travelling. I do enjoy the magazine and the Bulletin. Don't participate in any of the community stuff.




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