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Give me some ideas on what you like to discuss.  As always I'm willing to find the topics and sicussions, but I'd like to hit on things y'all like.  Thank you and happy new year.  

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Everything! Like sitting around drinking coffee together.

I've liked every discussion you ever started, Helen, you and everyone else on here who's ever started a discussion. I will try to think of some other topics too, though, and I sure appreciate the hard work you and all the others on here who run/have run things do. Much appreciated! :-)

Agreed! Much appreciated.

It is very hard to come up with a new subject every day. I think we would even like some feel-good stories, share pictures of family, share what we are doing, tell about any hobbies we are working on.  It is always good to get input from others and please members, don't hesitate to add a topic on anything you wish to share.  

Syble is right.  I can be on a roll and the suddenly I go blank.  Always love it when members add topics too.  Syble, I agree about talking about our family etc.  

All is good Helen

It's very hard to come up with topics everyday. I tried it for a while on BV but after a while you run out of ideals. Sometimes I'd just read the news to come up with some kind of topic I thought would interest people.

I am reminded of your previous topic regarding conversation starters. Similar predicament, not my strength.  Asking questions prompting people to open up about their interests, family, past experiences, beliefs, etc. It's easy to honor in principle, but an art form in practice. I struggle with creating ideas myself, but when you do it I'm all "That's a good one, why didn't I think of that."

Rereading my comment led me to the realization that I gave you no helpful ideas, so here's at least one thought. Asking about reading habits: books, magazines, internet etc.? Fact vs. fiction? Genres? Maybe we will find other people with similar tastes and interests. Podcasts?

How about a fun topic like how much people drink. I haven't had a drink in 39 years and I am only 61. Yes I did start to have a drinking problem and almost lost a job that I really liked and quit drinking that day when they sent me home

Good for you.  Not many heed that early warning. 




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