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Some say it's horse racing; some say polo. Post anything at all about either...

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Here's a link to the participants in the Run For the Roses this evening: http://www.kentuckyderby.com/horses


Derby Day ranks up there with Christmas for me and my family. I am preparing for my annual party as we speak [or, write :-) ]. Hats for the ladies are a reqirement...


Even though I was a city girl I grew up with horses. We lived near Fairmont Park and when I was young they had horses there to ride.


During High School I worked off and on at a horse farm where I boarded my horse.

My cousins lived near a race track in Philadelphia and when I was nine and ten years old we would walk there and sneak in through a hole in the fence.

The very first bridle I ever owned hangs on the door to my cellar.


My sister and her Veterinarian husband breed horses-- standardbreds and thoroughbreds. I saw a foal born on Easter Sunday.

My Brother-in-law was the Vet for many years at Delaware Park. I had the honor of knowing Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro. I've also had the priviledge of meeting a number of jockeys and trainers who have won Triple Crown races.

I've had the pleasure of attending the Kentucky Derby a number of times as well as the Preakness and the Belmont, both of those are within driving distance for me.


I still ride occasionally, but not as much as I'd like.


I could go on all day, I love horses, I love horse racing, and I love the people associated with horses.

But, I'll stop now. :-)


WOW, Quinn! You've had some great experiences!

I've only really come in contact with thoroughbreds once they came off the track, or with horses who were never headed for it. I ride dressage (also not enough now) and used to ride/retrain horses at the Potomac Horse Center in Maryland that were making a transition from racing to saddle. Some of the horses went quite far in dressage..even to Grand Prix. WONDERFUL horses with amazing intelligence and spirit.

BOY, I had some wild rides!

I know a bit more about harness racing. When I started riding as a youngster, I used to go to a riding school in New England every summer and they had Standardbreds. That was FUN!

I'll never forget one summer I was leading a trail ride at the Mount Washington Hotel in NH, and one of the horses was a Standardbred that was JUST being broken to saddle...HAHAHAHAHA...the pace was a shock, but it was so cool once you got used to it!!!

My first "legal" bet was at a harness race.

I would have won $98 and change except that the horse was disqualified for breaking his pace [or trot, or something about the way he ran???].

Talk about odd coincidences…

Jockey Robby Albarado was scheduled to ride Animal Kingdom in today’s Kentucky Derby. He was thrown from a horse on Wednesday and was injured. He had hoped to be able to ride today, but could not. The trainer of Animal Kingdom was madly scrambling for a jockey yesterday.
John Velazquez was scheduled to ride Kentucky Derby favorite Uncle Mo’. Uncle Mo’ developed an infection and was scratched from today’s race.
Trainer Todd Pletcher told Animal Kingdom’s trainer, Graham Motion, that Velazquez was available to ride.

Maybe there is such a thing as destiny. Maybe John Velazquez was destined to win the Kentucky Derby today.
No matter which horse he rode.

Oh...I hope so.

Quinn...you are a fount of knowledge about racing and Thoroughbreds...I want to learn more. Post umptittly million discussions, okay?!




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