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Give us pictures, facts, your personal experience with breeding...anything at all that tickles you about a particular breed or cross.

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Andalusians...OH, how I love them. I was fortunate to ride and work part-time at the Potomac Horse Center in Maryland for many years. During that time, a top breeder and trainer of Andalusians in Spain kept a small group of horses there and leased a small arena for practice and exercise. I got to ride several of his horses...it was amazing, like riding a fantasy...the magnificent mane flowing back over you, the strength, the grace. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... 

This is Andalusian stallion Justiciero XXV.

Gypsy Vanners...MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Another favorite breed! He is magnificent!
I'm waiting for Quinn to post a Thoroughbred!

American Saddlebred--When I first started riding seriously as a kid, I competed as a saddleseat rider for a center in Maine. They were great people who wouldn't use any of the, then, accepted methods of training Saddlebreds. They didn't set their tails, or pepper them, or leave their hooves outrageously long or use ankle chains to increase the horse's action.

Even so, they had several horses who were consistent winners. The first horse I almost bought, one of the animal loves of my life, was named Ridgecrest's Qualified. He was three-gaited champion of the east coast for several years running. He was almost mine, but was sold for an outlandish amount which the owners really needed and I could never have matched. I've always hoped he had a happy life in his new home.




What a lovely tale, DD. Courage is everywhere, and big hearts, and you and your dearest Primmy had both.

She was one girl with a heart bigger than she was. And I know she fills her Mommy's heart as she canters through golden pastures with her little Booty brother and the others running beside her. Ecstatically happy. Always looking for Mommy...waiting to knicker when you come home at last.

You know I understand...
Dartmoor Pony...Look where my legs end. Th-th-th-that's all folks!
Hahaha!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you've just gotta love these guys....


Hanoverian stallion Romantic Star

This is my dog, Shep. (Right)


This is my other dog, Shep. (Left)


(just kidding - not mine. But this little stallion is only three days old in this photo.




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