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One day, an Aggie, a longhorn and a Red Raider decided to go out on their brand new fishing boat and cruise the ocean. For quite some time, the three rode around, dodgin the waves, until one wave pushed them hard, and they simply could not gain back control of their boat. Finally, the boat came to a stop, shipwrecked on an unknown island. Then, before they could even regain their bearings, a group of natives ran out and captured them.

When they came to, they were each sitting in a chair in front of a table with only three items on them. There was a gun, a knife and a fork. The chief entered the tent and began to speak.

"You are our prisoners," he says", and now we will eat you for supper and use your skin to make canoes for us to capture more. You may each kill yourselves however with one of the weapons you see before you.

The Longhorn volunteered to go first, and picked up the revolver. With tears in his eyes, the Longhorn pulled the trigger and killed himself instantly. Next, the Red Raider picked up the knife and put it to his heart. He shoved it into his chest and fell limp against the chair. Then the Aggie looked at the three weapons and finally picked up the fork. He began to stab himself all over.

The chief looked at him quizzically and said, "What are you doing?"

The Aggie stopped momentarily and said, "I'm ruinin' your canoe!"

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