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At 11:28am on July 12, 2011, Phil Collignon gave caseyjo a gift
All You Need Is Love ~ John Lennon
At 12:32pm on January 08, 2011, Mikayla gave caseyjo a gift
Thinking of you and wanted to stop and say "Hey"....LOVE your page! Have a great New Year filled with all you want....Hugs!
At 11:40am on April 11, 2010, CraigD gave caseyjo a gift
At 6:33am on March 14, 2010, Phil Collignon gave caseyjo a gift
Trusting All Is Well. Call Me Sometime.
At 8:18am on March 05, 2010, Lady Glitter gave caseyjo a gift
Sending you a lovely red ribbon to brighten your day. Thanks for your friendship. Good friends are hard to come by.
At 5:48am on February 22, 2010, Mary Morris gave caseyjo a gift
Thank you CaseyJo
At 9:25am on February 14, 2010, Prunella Farquar gave caseyjo a gift
I'm so glad you came back! Happy Valentines Day!
At 1:43am on February 02, 2010, Mikayla gave caseyjo a gift
Hey cutie, I say we all head to the Keys and attend the Fantasy Festival.....Ha! It would be fun to get together though....I look forward to that day.....Hugs!
At 10:26am on February 01, 2010, L. J. Swiech gave caseyjo a gift
You've been kinda sorta quiet. Miss talking with you.
At 5:55pm on December 20, 2009, willie fess gave caseyjo a gift
Merry Christmas and happy new year!



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