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Good news from Jango online radio. One of my songs received enough positive ratings, it is now on their general rotation. Yay! Account Update- Joe Horizon have been played 479 times, of which 29 were paid. - Joe Horizon have received 57 positive ratings. - You qualify for general rotation!

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Way Cool!!
And the song issss......??

Not to mention what genre of music is it?
Song is "Black Man's Blues" Genre is Rock/Blues
Thank you dear!
It was a definite surprise to me. If you could see the room I recorded that in....
That song just sort of fell out of the sky and came out that way.
I am grateful for that and for your support!!
Congrats Joe
Cool, Joe congratulations.
What wonderful and exciting news...Congratulations!!!
Thanks for the support!!! Quite a surprise for me. I don't remember even loading songs up there.
the site is an online radio station, like Pandora, Slacker.... things like that .
This one is called Jango radio.
Its at www.jango.com, then I guess look up artist Joe Horizon.
Makes me wanna get back to recording something new.




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