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Why do some people find it hard not to use cuss words to express themselves? I'm not saying that I dont cuss it was a bad habit I started in HS to try and be cool. As an adult I have tried not to use such lanuage. Yet some either in jokes or post somehow think it gets thier meaning across better.
Am I just old fashioned or is there something that I am not seeing.

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I went to see Bill Cosby in concert a few years back and before he started the show he asked how many kids were in the audience, well a large round of applause went off, he then said OK no swearing, for the next 90 minutes he told stories, jokes etc. without one swear, cuss, not even a damn, he was very funny.

Then I have seen George Carlin, with swearing and he was funny as well, but with Carlin swearing he wasn't swearing with every other word, I don't want to say they were carefully placed but the words were put in the right places.

I remember seeing Richard Pryor concerts on HBO he was funny as well but it seemed like every other word was a swear. I think it is how the performer uses thier words, I am sure Carlin and Pryor could have been just as funny with out the swearing, but then they wouldn't be Carlin and Pryor.
Swearing is a delicate thing. It can convey extreme emotion, that's why it was invented. No word exists that isn't useful for something. However, in typical posts it can be annoying and off-putting. When you get to know a poster over time an occasional rare cuss can let the community know the degree to which they are upset. For instance, if Pru said someone was a poopy head, it would carry the weight of an Egyptian curse.
Cyndy - it depends on the audience. Today I spoke on the phone tro my dil, who confessed that my 13-month ganddaughter said the "f" word for the first time today. Isn't THAT sweet? Although they use it themselves, now they're all upset and they say they won't cuss any more in front of her. looks bad out of an innocent mouth, and it shouldn't be used where people do object to it. You should find out first.
Here? We're all adults, but I use euphemisms first, and if somebody wants to just say ass or whatever, I don't protest.




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