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And which games are you making sure u are going to watch---or at least hope they will show in your area?

I am hoping I will be able to pick up The Giants/Redskin game! It might actually work out too since NE is playing Monday night. Speaking of Monday Night Football--guys did u know there are actually two games being played tomorrow night?? Oh those poor lonely wives!!

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I noticed the Monday night double header now. At least the programmers had enough sense to make the 2nd game an all west-coast game. When I was employed, I would have to get up at 5am or earlier, I hated night games and still do, I like to get to bed early. I only watch the Steelers and since they've been America's team for 30 years, they are scheduled for a lot of night games. You heard me right Dallas fans, the Steelers are America's true team.
You mean the Stealers--don't u?
You sound like a Seahawks fan.
Hey--the Lions are going to have spectators this year! Cool!
I'm going to record the Chiefs - Ravens game. I got it down to a science and can see the whole thing in little over an hour. If you watched any of the Chiefs games last year you would understand.
Did you have a nice nap, trr?
I'll save my comment until trr responds.
Their offense still has that same look to it. BAD. Thanks to special team and the defense it actually was a good game until the very end.
You might want to invest in a new pillow.
My Bears are starting right about now! See ya.
Oooh. Not good so far.
Unless you like defense




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