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With the burning of the oil in the gulf, I have a few concerns.
I know and knew some people who were greatly affected by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. It seems like so long ago. 1989. The Supreme court finally ruled and people devastated by the negligence of this coroperation finally recieved their "compensation" 23 years later. The "compensation" after the courts got done was about ten cents on the dollar.

So here we are twenty four years later and I see it happening it again. It saddens me. I see the government hasn't done some of the things that were learned. They are supposed to have an environmental assessment team on site immediately. Yet it seem all they are worried about is what happens if the oil reaches shore and not the damage to the wildlife in the ocean. If you like shrimp I would be eating it sooner than later.

While I realize burning is the best way to handle the oil slick and it is better to keep it off shore, it's just the idea that this is nothing more than the cost of doing business. Just as with the Massey mine calamity.

I was wondering after the supreme court ruling, where corporations have the rights of an individual shouldn't they now have the same responsibility. If you spill oil in the water from a fishing boat you can lose your boat. I just think it is time that the people incharge of these corporations be held responsible. If the corporation is neglectful then the officers and board members should be charged.

I am more or less just venting here but would like to here what everyone thinks.

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Certainly not complaining about government involvement.
Where are the Tea Party people on this one? (End quote Robbie)
They are having tea.

When this first happened I read that this was a oil well that was still being drilled?
I’m now confused. They would not of had the blowout valves installed.
Where is the response to clean up this mess? There must be a company somewhere that can at least contain the spill.
This looks like a Chinese fire-drill to me.
There is not a company on earth that can contain a spill this size.
Much as with the Exxon Valdez, the required equipment mainly oil spill response barges weren't on site. If this sort of spill isn't contained within hours it's game over. In the case of the Exxon Valdez where the barge was iced in at a dry dock, it took four days. The requirement at the time was no tanker would leave unless that barge was with in five hours. As most regulation regarding off shore wells it is voluntary compliance. In 2003 when regulations were introduced in congress the oil companies fought big government and said they could be trusted.
The price of oil is up $12 a barrel, so doesn't look like the spill,leak will hurt BP too much.
WRITE YOUR OWN JOKE ... The Department of Interior's energy and minerals management division announced Thursday that the 2010 Offshore Safety awards luncheon scheduled for May 3 has been postponed indefinitely.

The Hill (Washington, D.C.) newspaper says BP is one of the finalists.
I just read that the current BP CEO had quit pushing the Greening of BP. I am familar with the solar Panel plant in Frederick, MD. I remember a few years ago when BP bought it. I wasn't aware that they had closed it. Anyway it would appear that BP, Massey Coal and a number of other giants in the natural resources extraction business have been taken over by people similar to the robber barons of the past.
Here is an article about the current leader of BP.
These companies will do anything to spend as little as possible on safety and environmental equipment.
BP fought any added expense and informed the regulators nothing like this blowout could happen.
Massey is currently under a bribery investigation, for possibly bribing mine safety people.
Sorry for the lack of links a little short on time.
So it appears. But of course they really are multinational.
BTW daddio has put together a list of the worldwide offshore oil business accidents and disasters worldwide. It is really eye-opening. He posted it in a blog over on MyAtlantis.
When are they going to work together and clean up the mess?
All they are doing now is asking, who is going to pay for this.
It’s a good thing we aren’t attacked by space aliens, all we would talk about is appointing a blue ribbon committee to look into it.
Sorry state of affairs.
My feeling and it is a personal feeling is that the only thing that can clean this is mother nature and will take many years. I came across this article earlier and I think it puts a very human face on this. I feel it is well worth the read.




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