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I asked a friend this question, and she asked it back, and I thought it might be great to hear everyone else's answer. Mine was running through the rain with my guy. We needed that. How about you?

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I am just getting off my weekend, so I will be working this weekend. My mid-week weekend was very nice. Visted a daughter 21/2 hrs aways and went shopping. Had dinner with an old lover from years ago. Just a nice weekend. Even in the rain.
Suzan had this great idea in another thread about running regular places during your regular day, so I did it this morning. My daughter and I ran to the grocery store. Just because.
Getting my SUV repaired after some IDIOT talking on his cell phone hit me in the rear. Took me seven weeks to finally settle with his insurance company, but it will be nice to have my SUV fixed.
Oh, you sweet man. If that's your idea of fun, you need to get out more. :)
I am a very simple man, kainsworth.
That actually sounds like fun. I would probably pretend I was at a spa, and call everyone at my house by fake names too. And maybe even scold them for letting the water get cold. :)
Set out on a trip that is life-changing in a zillion different ways...
Very cool.
I'm in Indiana tonight. Tomorrow, I'll visit my dad. Then up to Ft. Wayne to see Randy Stucker, over to see Larry and Kittycat, then to PA. I already visited with j lee s, ljqrn and JGColorado. I put pics in my photos here, on FB and my blog. Much fun has ensued with each meeting. We'll get married as soon as we can get the license! Hugs to everyone!
Hey SDL, Give Randy a BIG hug for me :-). You are much loved SDL((((((HUGS))))))). Jackie
Okay, cutie, I will! You sure you don't want to move closer to us next year...? Love you, sweetpea!
So cool SDL meeting so many as you cross the continent. Best wishes when you make it to PA....will put the nuptials on line so we all can attend?




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