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whats so good about paying taxs

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Sometimes a cab is worth the fare.  For example, it's cheaper for me to take a taxi to the airport than to park there if I'm on a trip that lasts more than three days.


"What's so good about" is also located in the Games section.

Paying taxes are tax deductable.

It gives me a feeling of ownership.

Since I've always ben told that the only two things in life that are certain are Death and taxes, it gives me a feeling of stablity.

I'm starting to feel a little worried that I am not very worried about death~~~

wsga anything?

prune kolaches are great!

Blueberries and salmon are great!

I have had blueberry kolaches, but have not tried salmon kolaches.


I'll bet they'd be great with a little sour cream and fresh dill.




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