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Alarm Clocks?


Pay Phones?


Wrist Watches?

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I had a yellow Ford somethingorother that had '3' in the tree....!
Ah...I see you're as knowlegable about car models as I am?

lol! this is how I decide on a car.... 


"Oh, I like that color & it's boxy!!"

My criteria is, cup holders--location of and number. And, if it has an iPod dock or not...the important stuff.

I wish I knew what an iPod is.


Maybe I should google it.

You're so sweet....d's.   I like the way you rationalize.  I'll add that to my own requirements of able to move forward and back...and stop when I need it.
I like your requirements......:-)
Oh good.....I didn't kill the thread.
Oh, and vent windows. Remember those little windows you could tilt so they "vented" air in your face?
And bench seats so you could snuggle with your honey at the drive in.

What's obsolete : Dictaphones.

What's more obsolete : Dictaphone jokes.


A guy walks into my office and says, "Can I use your dictaphone?" I told
him, "No, you gotta use your fingers like everybody else."




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