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Pants, jacket, shirt?  I have .81 and a  grocery receipt in my hoodie and my wallet in my back pocket. What are you packin'?

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Nothing.....not wearing any clothes....in the nude.....I'm dancing to Shakira's "Hips don't Lie" video....with all the curtains open.


Well, I was hoping for some BBQ ribs, but I guess that would have been messy. Get yer freak on Brother Stir!

Uh huh.....way too much.....not a good visual.....gotta go take a shower now

@ Stir up there^

Not at all! I love it! "-D
Are you in the right thread Stir?...seems like you should be in the 420.....
Hey!!! Where's my pie? OK, fine.

1) A multitool

2) Some cash

3) An ink pen

4) Tim Ellison's dignity

Have pen, will travel eh? I have got in the habit myself of carrying a pen in my jacket. Sometimes songs pop into my head when I am out and about and I want to remind myself to check them out when I get home. Helps for leaving digits for the hotties too.
Half a packet of Splenda. I take half a packet in my coffee at work, so I usually come home w/the preserved half in my pocket.
No pockets...just a lot on my mind.




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