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Several days ago I learned that a long-time acquaintance's wife of several decades and mother of his several children is leaving him, because she has, after lengthy introspection, concluded that she is a lesbian.

That's all the information I have.  There's no punchline.

What would you say to her?  Something sympathetic about her misspent youth, sleeping with the wrong sort of person?

What would you say to the kids?  Maybe it's better than an "ordinary" divorce, because at least mommy and daddy aren't fighting, but maybe it's just weird.

But most importantly to me: what to say to him?  Is there any bright side to this at all?

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Thanks Chez. I think I'll grow my hair long and spike it.
Well, he could always ask her to be his wingman (or vice versa)
Life goes on. Treat it like a hurdle and get over it.
Tell him just because she is taking a convertible out for a test drive does not necessarily mean she will want to buy it.
Better he found out now than later. Makes me wonder what she's really been doing all these marital years, sinceshe now thinks she's a lesbian.
Well, thirty years ago or so would have been even better, perhaps...




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