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Did you feel the earthquake today?

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Hiya, gang!


...my bestest chickie in PA, whom some of you may know,

(no, not P.A. - I like him, but I don't refer to him as my 'bestest chickie'! '-)

sent me this yesterday-




Deez, Don't you think you should have some kind of disclaimer when posting such graphic images?
oh, TeeBubs, I'm sorry. It was probably too much for you. I should've been more sensitive...
Well, Ya know I'm kinda sensitive guy.
...just imagine me walking over & righting that plastic lawn chair. That should comfort you, yes? There, there, Teebs, come rest your head on my chest.... take a breath.... it'll be okay.

Rest my head on your chest.


Damn, that rocked me more than the earthquake!!

...and THAT's what I was goin' for. '-)
Nope, didn't feel any earthquakeness up here on The Leelanau.
That's cause d's chest wsn't there.
But can you imagine if it was? Woulda rocked Stir's world.
George and I didn't feel the earthquake, we were driving somewhere at the time.  The local papers said that the quake was felt all over Pennsylvania, though.




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