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When I talk to people about things like architecture and design and art history, I usually feel pretty smart. I know a lot about construction techniques, including systems work and finishing. I can hold my own in a conversation about food and wine, AutoCAD and Photoshop, and most kinds of music. But this morning, I feel like an idiot.

My brakes on my car started sticking to the point that the car is almost un-drivable. I took it to the brake shop, and they showed me everything that was wrong, and explained how much it would cost to fix it. I had no idea what they were talking about. I was completely at their mercy, and they knew it.

So I told them I have to call my "husband" first and talk to him about it. (Tom and I have been together for quite a while, but are not married. I only use the term "husband" occasionally when I think I need it.) I talked to Tom, and then handed my cell phone to the brake guy, and had Tom talk to him. I'm pretty sure I'm only paying for what I need done.

So I guess I'm totally car-dumb. Not too people-dumb, and not too money-dumb. What are you dumb about?

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Sounds to me like you handled thaty in a very smart way.
Some times the smart thing to do is to admit we don't know.
Thanks, Bull. As long as the car works when I pick it up, I'll be happy with the outcome.
The list is too long to post here. I know enough to get by about a lot of things. But I'm pretty dumb about computer programs, language,including English, wine, women and song. I will admit that being dumb about something doesn't stop me from wading in and making a fool of myself.
Robbie, I think getting in there and trying new things is pretty smart.
I really agree, Sandra. I think there are a lot of kinds of intelligence.
Hmmm--I am thinking I just learned something today!
Since I am pretty dumb about most everything I am lucky because my favorite thing to do is learn new things.
The thing that I know the most about is so narrow that if there was a PhD for it I would have one. I am good at what I do for a living, so I guess I deserve my pay. But it isn't that much fun any more.
I feel pretty dumb even posting this today. I need a cup of coffee.

P.S. I am not at the office right now.
Coffee sounds good. I think I'll have some too. Just like Robbie, I think that people who like to learn new things have a real advantage in the world. Everything can be an adventure.
Jack of all trades people are just a colloquialism.
My dad was a jack of all trades. A clerk at Ernst Hardware even called him that, which pissed dad off even though it was true.
Oh, I'm real dumb in the computer/electronics area. I'm also clueless about women (I didn't realize it until I was about 50 or so), and all of the fine arts. I'm comfortable with me, like a lot of old people, I try to hang on to the old ways.
I is brilliant on everything




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