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what if you whare dieing,what would you do for the last time

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i would do the same
Kiss my husband, children and grandchildren. Now you brought tears to my eyes just thinking of it. I must find a more cheerful thread to bring back the smiles.
I know for sure I would not be wasting my time working .But now with no work I would explore all I can in that little time left more faster ;-)
drive fast and go away to see friends.
get a second opinion. It ain't gonna happen.I will never die. I will torment my childen forever.
Spell-check my epithet but good.
Plan the funeral. I Expect it to be well attended. And after we ado what we do, we get on a ship and dump me in the ocean. But if i were dying, and i suppose in a vague way i rather am, i would want MORE PAIN KILLERS. cant get outa bed without those suckers,

I'd probably sweat a lot.

With all due apologies to my husband, I want to leave this life while in the throes of sexual bliss. 

I thought you said  "toes".

Sounded pretty interesting.





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