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You saw it but wish you hadn't.  You're told you need to see it but you don't want to.

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Wallets can be a source of feckless humor.

Two years ago, in order to escape an utterly distressing day at the office, I went on a lunch time walk along the road my building was located on. Off the shoulder in some weeds was a wallet that I picked it up. Affixed and concealed in the fold of the wallet was a syringe and of course it jabbed into my finger quite deeply. The wallet was empty - just placed there for that exact purpose.

Maybe my tombstone will say I was the only person to contract AIDS standing on the highway.
No way, did you really contract aids by that method?
No...but that scenario was running through my mind when it happened.
My husband cheating on me when I had not idea.
I know this could go in the FAILURE thread but I really don't want to see this.....

There truly IS somebody out there for all of us, isn't there?!!!?
Aggie? Sweetie? I think you studied that picture too much.
Did I say post pictures of things we don't want to see? Maybe I should have placed restrictions. Uh, thanks Thee.




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