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Please answer the
previously posted
c o l o r  Question*
then leave another one
for the next player, and
I will begin with...


~ What color are your eyes?
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blue eyes

 ~ What color was your very

  Car 4  car?

 ~ greenBroccolibroccoli


What color is
 your Posted Image birthstone?

I'm not sure.

What color is your bathroom?

 Warm shades of ~

 ivory + navy-blue + oatmeal
 + hunter-green + burgundy

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~ What color is your computer?


What color is the favorite picture on yoour wall?



 The Dream 
~ An oil painting

with several colors

~ What color is your
 front Posted Image door?


What color is your coffee cup?


~ My favorite one is

    blue gray


~ What color is your 
   Posted Image birthstone?

sort of maroon and gray

what color is your favorite hat?

hi shelti


!!! T i m !!!

~ Such a nice  surprise!

(PS) Your birthstone is a truly gorgeous      
       deep green
emerald (it's mine too)

is it really emerald?i had no idea,it's great to see you here

*Thank You* Tim!

Reply by flipper 

what color is your favorite hat?

 soft gray

~ What color is your
       Pizza Pie  
    microwave oven? 




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