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What are some strange tips/advice given to you by friends?

I was talking to my co-worker about how pissed my dad is about the rabbits and other critters invading his garden which he toiled over daily. She suggested that he pee in a flowerpot and sprinkle it around the perimeter of the garden to keep the critters away. She said it worked for her.


My mom told me when I was little that the antidote to neutralize a jellyfish sting is for someone to pee on the sting. I remember being stung by a jellyfish at the beach when I was around 8. I grabbed by little brother and told him to pee on the sting which he did with glee. It worked. lol

My co-worker says the best antidote is to sprinkle meat tenderizer on the sting. (muttering to myself...what crazy person carries meat tenderizer around at the beach???)



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To get rid of fire ants either piss on the mound or ladies you can sprinkle some Tide soap on the mound.
Not me, As a workkamper here in East Texas, I fight those little boogers daily. I bet they can swim upstream.

brush your teeth in the shower.

That way you don't get toothpaste on  your clothes, you brush longer

and get 2 things done at  once.

If you use that idle hand wisely while brushing your teeth in the shower, you can acomplish three things before you go to work.


Guy humor!

Or it gives Beth or whomever is in the shower something to do while you brush.


You can get anywhere in ten minutes if you drive fast enough.

if you put red pepper in the trash then the dog won't  get in it or the cat.

if you  put meat tenderizer in the dog's food it won't eat it's shit.

Putting dog hair around the  garden will keep rabbits out from nibbling.

Don't go mistaking paradise

for that home across the road.


Oh, thats right...Bob Dylan already told us that, didn't he?

Save water, shower with a friend.
It's five miles over and ten miles back.

I've heard that you can get rid of ants by sprinkling gunpowder around the yard, and then waiting.  They pick it up and taking it back to the nest.  Give them a while.  Then pour a little bit down one of the holes and make a trail back to a safe distance.  Then light the trail and head for the driveway.  A moment later, BOOM, every anthill in the lawn, including a million that you never knew were there, will emit a belch of smoke and no more ants.  You need to be careful not to use more than a small amount of gunpowder, however, or else you end up roto-tiling your lawn.


No, I've never tried it, and if you try it and something horrible happens, you have only yourself to blame.




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